• 2020’s Pandemic: Mill Production Decreases
  • Western Wildfires: Shuts down Mills
  • Weathering Hurricanes: More Loss of Production
  • Washington News: Upcoming Election Anxiety
  • Housing Market: Housing Permits and Starts Up&Down
  • Transportation: Shipment Times 2-3 Weeks Late
  • Future Markets: Record High Settlements and Spreads
Communication Continues to be Key
  • Has the historic market run come to an end?
  • How quickly will pricing adjust down?
  • Demand for wood continues to be strong.
  • Pricing is contingent upon ship times. There is a disparity between wood on the ground and future shipments.
  • If you need wood on a jobsite in the near future, don’t wait for falling prices because you will not have the wood to ship when you need it.





Source: Random Lengths, used here with permission granted by the publisher.