Lumber Market Considerations: 
  • OSB sourcing is very difficult. The industry has never experienced this type of shortage with OSB
  • Low grade lumber pricing has historically been fairly consistent. Today, low grade buyers are having to wrap their mind around price increases and low availability never before seen with this product
  • Some engineered mills have stopped producing certain materials to focus all of their resources on the higher demand, higher yielding products. An example of this is Timberstand
  • The tight supply of material and high prices have led to more substitutions being made. We caution you to ensure the substitutions being made work structurally and according to plans
  • The disappointing truth is that mills simply cannot supply enough to catch up to demand
  • Trucking continues to be difficult to locate and EXPENSIVE. Expect more increases due to the upswing of fuel prices
Trio is continuing to work hard to serve all of our customers through these unique times. Our message continues to be the same, do not wait to order, recheck availability and confirm current prices as previously
quoted pricing is out the window.
Call us today to game plan your next order so there are no surprises