What felt like a permanent shift in lumber market prices, turned into just a temporary reprieve. With limited lumber supply on the ground, the market shifted back into motion, climbing dangerously close to record numbers again.
  • Demand continues to outpace Supply, driving prices up
  • Resistance to pay these prices is met with customer need and limited availability
  • Frustration and difficult conversations on material availability and pricing are happening on a daily basis industry wide
  • Double, almost triple digit increases in some areas for OSB and plywood
  • Mills are selling only a small amount of what they are producing each day and continuing to raise prices
  • Covid related absences and workforce issues continues to effect production
  • The market is anything but normal for this time of year
  • Trucking continues to be difficult to locate and EXPENSIVE
Most recently, we have experienced first hand the effects of the virus. Many of our suppliers have shared that some commitments cannot be met in the delivery of materials. In addition, there are some products that are simply not available.
Trio is continuing to work hard to serve all of our customers through these unique times. Our message continues to be the same, do not wait to order, recheck availability and confirm current prices as previously quoted pricing is out the window.
Call us today to game plan your next order so there are no surprises.


Source: Random Lengths, used here with permission granted by the publisher.