The Lumber Market Today:  Starting to Find Balance

The Lumber Market Today: Starting to Find Balance

SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Supply and Demand have seemed to find a bit of common ground as several areas of the market currently reflects some stability. THE MARKET LOOKS FOR WAYS TO ADJUST: As always, the market continues to search for ways to adjust by using weather...

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Lumber prices are reverting to pre-pandemic means

Did anyone expect this pace of correction? Over the years, we have shared the physics of the lumber market in simplistic terms, what goes up must come down and the higher the climb, the harder the fall. What was a historic run up in prices has now shifted to a...

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June 2021: The Lumber Market Today

June 2021: The Lumber Market Today

Standing on the Sidelines  A cautious approach had been voiced and we all knew a correction was coming. We have arrived. A shift in current market conditions have left some buyers standing on the sidelines. One thing we have learned over the course of the latest...

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Ongoing Market Considerations

Ongoing Market Considerations

Ongoing Market Considerations: Record breaking historic lumber market run continues. Trucking is horrendous at 115:1 load to truck ratios, it's the highest in decades. Trucking continues to be difficult to locate and EXPENSIVE. Expect more increases due to the upswing...

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