A Letter from Our Owners
Our industry has seen an unprecedented increase in demand and pricing
We want to start out by thanking you and your company for all of your support throughout this extremely challenging year. We continue to operate in unprecedented, difficult personal and professional environments.
Production Levels Are At the Core of Price Increases
The initial reduction in production during the onset of COVID19 and the unforeseen ROBUST industry demand has put tremendous pressure on the supply of lumber products. Pricing in Forest Products has reached new all-time highs with little relief in sight.
Production and inventory levels across the entire industry are
well below normal levels. 
Manufacturers have struggled with COVID-19 related outbreaks, enhanced unemployment benefits and other related issues have further reduced production levels. This has created an environment where availability is nowhere near normal operating conditions. Transportation has also felt the impact and shipments have been severely delayed.
Suppliers Are Scrambling to Cover Needs
Pricing is projected to remain volatile over the next month or two until producers are able to significantly RAMP UP production to meet market demand.
There’s nothing easy in any of today’s circumstances. Our families and staff share the same frustration as yours. We can assure you that our team is doing everything we can on your behalf to try to ease the pain and minimize the impact on your business as much as we can.
Committed to coming out on the other side of this, together – Tina and Jerry





Source: Random Lengths, used here with permission granted by the publisher.